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top of the pops! (+ wallpapers)

top of the pops!

Today’s illustration is inspired by Jony Ive’s lovely gradients and some reflection on being spawned in the 1980s.

Here are some iphone ios 7 wallpapers based on this. Go on, funk up your screen even more 🙂

iPhone 4 versions



iPhone 5 versions



The Earth got fat!

The Earth got fatter 1

The Earth got fatter 3

The Earth got fatter 4

The Earth got fatter 5

This is an idea for a kids book I played with when drawing with my daughter. The story starts with the sausage-bean guy walking along peacefully in a park. Then out of the sky things start falling and crashing into the ground around him. Small things and then big things until the Moon eventually crashes into ground. The problem is that the Earth isn’t very happy and is comfort eating too many donuts (or whatever). As the Earth gets fatter it’s gravitational pull strengthens and objects begin to crash into it. Then the mission is to make the Earth happier and stop it eating junk food. This of course is not meant to be critical towards people who are large or eat lots of donuts…