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Passing a busy land

Floating on a cloud past a busy land

Somehow the story continues so that the guy has now hitched a ride on a drifting cloud. Hikaru is leading a marching band. This drawing is a bit more random since the focus was to illustrate particular keywords from the Inktober 2016 initiative by the awesome Jake Parker:

The Inktober 2016 words were:
Fast, noisy, collect, hungry, sad, hidden, lost, rock, broken, jump, transport, worried, scared, tree, relax, wet, battle, escape, flight, squeeze, big, little, slow, one dozen, tired, box, creepy, burn, surprise, wreck, friend.

Dinosaur alphabet capitals

Dinosaur alphabet abc capitals

The dinosaur alphabet is another thing that came from drawing with my daughter. The thing at the moment is drawing dinosaurs and we’ve drawn over 150 already! I thought it would be fun to try and turn the dinosaurs into and alphabet. There are plenty of them out there, but I think this one has real bite! 😀 I’ve left the colouring to my daughter.

If you want to download and print this for your kid to colour in or for yourself because you’re a big kid then download a larger 2.4MB file here.

If you want to share it or distribute it in any way please attribute me. If you want to use the artwork for non-commercial or commercial projects please kindly contact me.

robot central!

Robot central

I was inspired to make this after I saw a submission request from Doodler’s Anonymous to create a page for a forthcoming colouring book. Let’s see how that goes. I think these ideas could also work nicely for some forthcoming animated projects also. Stay tuned!

*UPDATE* This piece was selected from over 450 submissions. 48 artists were chosen for the book. I’ll make a post when it becomes available. Can’t wait to see the great work that has been selected! Nice one!